quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Infernal Technology (english)

The major cause of disease, misery and violence

Revealing the secret of the fire to the human beings Prometheus enabled them to be as powerful as gods.
Then, in order to make them humble and submissive again, Zeus sent Pandora, the most gorgeous and fascinating woman but with a heart full of tricks, imprudence and astuteness. Just as she was leaving, Zeus gave her as a gift an well locked box filled with every kind of evil to torment the humanity, warning her never to open it.
Pandora, however, curious and imprudent opened it up; and all sorts of evils that molest the human beings are popping out of that box ever since.
From this ancient Greek myth comes the expression “Pandora’s Box” that is used for explaining that even a naïve or beautiful thing is able to produce a great catastrophe.
Like a graceful, luscious and dangerous Pandora, the Technology also fascinate the humankind promising to enlarge endlessly and forever the time space conditions so as to solve all types of problems, disease, misery and violence.
Mere illusion!
Apparently Technology is solving our troubles but secretly the world global situation is getting worse and worse.
At each modern technological advance the internal and external ecological destruction is increasing. Similarly to the rivers and the forests of the Earth Planet, our blood and our intestinal fauna and flora are being insensibly polluted and devastated.
Everything, however, is useful to anybody who knows how to use it.
The technological original function is to improve our capacity to deal with problems.
Nevertheless, the human beings are losing the instinctive sensibility to apprehend the limits while making use of that powerful lever. Consequently they nullify and degenerate their own live levers which they naturally are.
The external, mechanic, dependent and expensive technological potency is complementary. The internal, organic and instinctive potency that is gratis is the principal part of our psychosomatic existence.
We mustn’t invert this leverage relation!
Amongst the present infernal technological deluge that threats to drown the humanity we need to find out a strategic solution to survive individually and with solidarity.
In order to face up the calamities that are overflowing from the Technological Pandora Box we have to find out a Noah’s Instinctive Ark.
So, we are waiting to meet you in the XXXI International Winter Seminary when we will may to train altogether our useful levering criterion that makes us able to face up the three disgraces of the humanity, changing them by an evolutionary way into our major graces.